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Here are some of my favorite resources from the Artful Blog & around the web to help you create an eBook or eMagazine with the goal of cutting down the learning curve and simplifying the process. More resources to come!


  • What is an eBook, exactly? | Start with this resource to get a quick intro to eBooks and to learn how they can help grow your biz.
  • Free Content Outline | Use this outline to help you write more in-depth content for your eBook or blog.
  • Free Planning eWorkbook | Use this free workbook to help you get started on your eBook! You’ll be guided through finding the right topic, creating and testing and outline, and making decisions on how you’ll package your final product. Get it by entering your email in the sidebar!



  • Rafflecopter | Great tool to run eBooks giveaways through your site or Facebook page, with many free options.
  • Aweber | In my opinion, the best low-cost & versatile email marketing solution out there.
  • Nikki Groom | When publishing your online product, you’re going to want an amazing sales page with strong copy writing to convey to readers just what your product can do for them. This can be tricky, but Nikki can help!



  • Template Masters | This is Artful’s membership program. If you’re looking to create beautiful eBooks that sell well, Template Masters is the simplest and most affordable option out there! Click here to learn more.
  • Successful Cover Cheat-Sheet | Will your eBook sell? Download our free cheat-sheet and follow our three steps to ensure your cover attracts customers and leads to more sales!
  • Best-Selling Cover Guide | Download our favorite 27 book covers to find out what makes a successful cover and how you can use these strategies on your own book! (Food blogger? Click here for the eCookbook version!)
  • Font Combinations | In this blog column, I put together my favorite free fonts into well-suited combinations that you can use for your eBook design.
  • Color Palettes | In this blog column, I put together color palettes based on theme to help you find the right colors for your eBook.



  • Creative Commons | Amazingly beautiful, 100% free images that only require you to give credit.
  • FreeImages | Great source for quality, free photos.
  • Unsplash | Cool blog that posts moody, free images.
  • Yay Images | Unlimited royalty-free images for $9.99/month – incredible deal if you want top quality images.



  • E-junkie | The most affordable ($5/ month!) way to sell your eBooks or electronic products through your site. E-junkie provides you with buy buttons, and allows buyers to download automatically after purchase. It also includes a free affiliate program. management!
  • OptimizePress | We use OptimizePress to create all of our landing pages and sales pages. It’s so simple to use and creates really beautiful and sleek pages. I would highly suggest this, whether you’re looking to collect email addresses or sell products on your site.



  • Danielle Dowling | Danielle is my personal coach and go-to girl when I need a little life or business guidance. She offers life coaching sessions as well as her start an online business session package.
  • Born to Influence | Esther is the entrepreneur’s PR pro. She will help you get more media exposure and connect with influencers to get your product into the world with a bang.
  • Digital Marketer | This is my go-to resource for anything online marketing. Ryan and his team give seriously effective strategies and tips to help you increase traffic and conversions.