Custom eBook & Digital Product Design

Let us help you create digital products that look amazing and grow your business.

Dear bloggers & online business owners,

You’re trying to grow your business by creating a heart-felt, industry-leading eBook, book, or digital product that reflects your vision and attracts more of the RIGHT clients. But you may be learning that getting it produced and released into the world isn't quite as simple as you'd hoped.

I’d be willing to bet, one of these 3 scenarios will sound very familiar to you...

  1. You’ve tried designing your own graphics which if we're being honest, just resulted in mediocre designs that don't look professional.
  2. You’ve used cookie cutter tools and templates which left you with cheap-looking designs that don't come off as unique, appealing, or a reflection your vision.
  3. You've spent money hiring designers to create products for you in the past, but have found that they don't totally "get" your brand and have failed to produce work up to your creative standards.

If you are in any of those categories, trust me, I get it. I’ve spoken to hundreds of people who feel the same.

Not to mention, I've worked with many dozens of bloggers and experts like you to overcome these issues, like these amazing clients:

I was concerned that a designer wouldn’t understand how I wanted my work to be visually represented and that it would end up looking cheesy like so many ebooks that are out there.

Artful Publications absolutely overcame these hesitations and Meg understood exactly what I had invisioned for the project and turn it into reality. The design looks like something you’d see in a published bestselling cookbook!

I enjoyed that there was a system in place so that once I provided the necessary information and content I could relax knowing that everything was being handled so well. I would reccomend Artful Publications to anyone. Meg was easy to communicate with, organized, and creative. I’m so happy with the design.

Tessa Arias Handle the Heat

“Starting my eBook design project, I was concerned whether a designer would understand what I wanted.

Meg defined a clear working process right from the beginning, making it easy to communicate and share ideas. This showed not just creativity, but professionalism. She was willing to collaborate ideas to produce the best possible end result.

Meg is great at what she does… her design skills are fabulous! When updates were requested, she interpreted my thoughts precisely.”

Belinda Mackey Skincare With Food

In fact, my specialty is helping people who are in exact these position break through to the next level and finally get that beautiful product designed.

It all happened when I finally realized there are hundreds of amazing bloggers and online business experts struggling to find someone who actually specialized in producing eBooks and digital products...

...Someone who understood the importance of bringing their vision to life through these products, and who could use clean and contemporary design techniques to make this happen.

With this discovery, Artful Publications was born!

Now, you can have custom, professionally-designed products created just for you any time you are ready to package up your expertise into something beautiful

You can avoid messing around trying to design graphics yourself, and you no longer have to worry about hiring different designers on a project basis that may or may not be able to express the designs in the way you envision.

We work with people everyday who are serious about creating high-quality products for their blogs and online businesses. People that understand that the more readers and customers they can help, the more success and revenue they will earn for themselves as a result. People just like you!

Many of my clients come to me wishing they had someone fast track them through all the overwhelm they are feeling. Someone who would listen to their vision and make it a reality.

And that is just what I'd like to do for you!

Here is the solution...

Artful Publications' Custom eBook & Digital Product Design

For a select number of bloggers and online biz owners each year, we offer a custom product design service. Once onboard, I’ll take you by the hand and help you turn your vision into a work of art. You’ll finally be able to have a beautiful, industry leading eBook or digital program that attracts more of the RIGHT clients this year!

But wait a minute… why would you need a custom designer? Is that really necessary to get your product created?

The fact is, having a designer makes you and your product better!

Even if you’re seriously experienced with product creation, there is always someone else who can see things in another way. Someone who can understand your vision and allow you to feel truly confident in the final product you will release into the world.

However, our custom design service is not for everyone:

We are only able to handle a select number of people who are action takers and ready to take their product to the next level so they can bring it to market. People who are serious and ready to stop messing around with other solutions that don’t work and that are a waste of time.

I’ll be completely honest with you. This is not a discount design service… mostly because it requires my time and personal attention.

Because of this, I know it’s not going to be for everyone, and that's okay! But, let me outline what is included in this service so you whether you are right for this.

If you’re not working with Artful Publications, you’re doing your business a huge disservice! I plan on using Meg for all of my projects from now on – she’s that good! Meg brings a creativity to the table that will take your project to the next level. I could not be happier with the work she did for me! You rock girl!

Sophie Gray Way of Gray

For Those Who Are Ready, Here’s What’s In It For You:

Now remember, this is going to be your journey! And we're here to make it as smooth and enjoyable as possible.

Here’s what's included:

Initial Design Consultation

To get started, you will fill out a Creative Brief - a quick survey to help us better understand your brand and design preferences. Next, we review your results and will chat with you about the project goals and your vision for the final product to ensure we have a solid foundation for creating your product. We will provide basic consulting on how we can help you best structure your product for highest revenue potential (ex: perhaps your meal plan program would appear as higher value by splitting it into one main informational book, plus a recipe book and bonus shopping list).

Value: $169

Project Timeline Creation

Next, based on your desired publish date, we will create deadlines for each step of the design process so can rest easy knowing that we will be staying on schedule and sending you updates for approval according to this pre-approved schedule.

Value: $69

Style Board Design

We will create a custom style board based on your design preference. This will include 3 different suggested options for color schemes, font combinations, and overall inspiration for you to choose from so we can begin forming the look of your eBook or project!

Includes up to 2 rounds of revisions.

Value: $127

Template Design

With your approved Style Board in hand, we will next begin constructing the template for your product. We will create 2-3 different layout templates for you to choose from. Based on your feedback, we will create the final template that will be used to lay out your finalized content. Note that our speciality is creating contemporary, eye-catching layouts rich with imagery.

Includes up to 2 rounds of revisions.

Value: $199

Final Product Layout

Finally, once you send your finalized content (note: we offer copy editing as an add-on service!), we will begin laying the content into the design template. At this point, we can also source images and graphics to complement your content if needed (add-on service). Once the content has been expertly laid out and reviewed, we will send a full draft over to you for review.

Includes up to 2 rounds of revisions.

Value: $397 (small, simple product) - $5,997+ (large, intricate product)

Cover Design

The last step of the design process is to create the cover! This may seem counter-intuitive, but we always design the cover last. We like to get a strong feel for the content inside the product so that we can accurately convey the message through the cover.

We will create 2-3 cover variations for you to choose from. Includes up to 2 rounds of revisions of your chosen option.

Value: $397

Final File Handover

After the final product has been approved, it's time to hand the project back to you for launch! This is great because we don't just give you the final PDF, we provide you with the source files so you can keep it for your records in case you ever want to make small changes to the content at a later time.

Value: $149

Total Package Value: $1,507+

 As you can see, a lot of love, personal attention and expertise goes into the creation of each digital product we work with.

Because of this, our Customer eBook & Product Design service is worth well over $1,507 (and upwards of $7,495 for large projects).

But...good news! I am not going to charge you that much. Instead, this service starts at just $450 for a small product.

I wanted to make sure I was working with someone who could design the look and feel I wanted. With Meg’s attentiveness and attention to detail, I felt like I was able to just give her the project, let her work, and not worry about the book while I was working on other things. This book looks better than any design work I’ve ever had any other designer create!

Kyra Williams Kyra Williams Fitness

Add-on Services Available:

Our mission is to make the creation of your product as stress-free and efficient as possible.

That is why we offer complimentary services to help you save time and get everything you need done in one clean sweep!

(Note - looking for help with marketing and launch? You'll want to check out our eBook & Digital Product Funnel Design service!)

Here's some of what we can do for you:

Professional Copy Editing

We have a seasoned professional on staff to take care of all of your editing needs. Whether you are looking for a quick spelling and grammar check or a full sentence structure overhaul, we're here to help you with your copy editing needs.

Custom Recipe Creation & Photography

We have a professional photographer and recipe designer on the team for the food and nutrition professionals out there who are looking for a little extra help. We have written hundreds of gourmet diet-specific recipes, and we can even cook the recipes from scratch to be photographed in our studio according to your style preferences.

Graphic Sourcing

Know you want your product to be filled with beautiful imagery, but don't have time to source the images? Let us take care of it for you! We will find you gorgeous stock images to compliment your content perfectly.

Ready to bring your digital product vision to life?

Now, I have no doubt that you are more than capable of figuring this out and designing your product on your own.

But the problem is time and money. You can spend a whole lot of it to get this done yourself...

Or, you can work me and the Artful team and get your beautiful product created as efficiently as possible, without having to worry about figuring it out on your own.

This Custom Product Design service is personal. I will be personally accountable to ensure your product is created to truly capture your vision so you can get it published in as timely a manner as possible.

From experience, if I didn’t charge what I do, I’d risk putting people through the door who aren’t serious. And I'm here to work with bloggers and entrepreneurs who truly care!

But I can promise you, every penny you invest will give you an even bigger return because you will have access to the strategies, techniques and design experience that took me years to master.

Working with Meg turned out to be one of the best choices for my business. She is incredibly talented, detail oriented, a professional in her niche, and is very responsive – which I love. I highly recommend Meg and her talents. I’ll continue working with her on future projects for sure!

Amanda Froelich Bloom for Life

Your investment in this service will pay for itself over and over again!

Are you ready to create something beautiful for your business?

If not – no problem. Like I said before, this is not for everyone. We can be friends regardless!


If you're one of the 5% of people who take decisive action and make no excuses…

Then take action right now by filling out the brief form below for a free (no pressure!) consultation and custom estimate.

Before I let you go, I want to say THANK YOU for taking the time to check out the Artful site and read through these pages.

I’m truly excited for you to get started with Artful Publications' Custom eBook & Product Design service and see the amazing results of launching a professional eBook or Digital Product for yourself.

Talk to you soon,

Meg Sylvia