Sophie Gray Clean Eating Book

Clean Eating Fundaments for Sophie Gray

Working with Sophie Gray was such a joy. Her personality is just as kind, vibrant, and energetic as it appears to be on her popular Instagram account. I love working with authentic people who are truly out to make an impact in a fun way! The books we created during this project were sold as a 3-book…

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10 Day Skin Revival for Belinda Mackey

We recently worked with Belinda of Skincare with Food to design her 10 Day Skin Revival eBook guide. Belinda created chapters covering every angle of skincare, along with recipes for scrubs, masks, and everything else you would need for an amazing at-home spa treatment. Here’s a preview of Belinda’s book:

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Using Companion Products to Market Your eBook

There are several different techniques that you can use to market your e-book. This article will cover the use of complimentary or companion products as a marketing tool. When you finally have your book published, you can take a minute to relax and enjoy your creation. If you want your book to succeed, I recommend…

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I wrote my eBook! Now What…?

So, you’ve done it. You have a rough draft of your eBook completed. Maybe you even have a final draft completed. If you are anything like me you are sitting at you computer asking “What do I do now?” Well, have no fear – I have compiled a short, easy to follow list of the…

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12 Ways To Increase eBook Sales with Targeted Pinterest Images

If you’re anything like me, you probably use Pinterest on a daily basis for an infinite number of things including life hacks, travel and craft ideas or even style tips. And where there’s two of us, there’s got to be more out there. You may be missing out on reaching a huge audience and potentially…

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Is “Imposter Syndrome” Keeping You From Greater Success?

Do you ever have the feeling that nobody is going to want to read what you write, or that you aren’t enough of an expert on the subject matter of your book or product to be able to tell others about it? Has this ever stopped you from creating something that you are passionate about?…

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build your ebook audience and increase sales

How To Build A Wider eBook Audience (And Increase Sales in the Process)

You’ve done fabulously well so far; writing, editing, proofing and creating your eBook. You’ve uploaded it and you’re ready for it to begin flying off the shelves (metaphorical of course – this is all online of course!) But what happens when it doesn’t fly off the shelves immediately, or if your sales skyrocket in the…

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7 Quick Tips to Boost eBook Sales with Your Email Newsletter

Email marketing is often overlooked as a key component of a small business’s overall marketing strategy, but when used properly, it can prove to be one of the most cost-effective tools at your disposal to communicate with your customers and clients. Email is a free, fast and efficient communication tool – and with little upfront…

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3 Easy Steps for Developing a Writing Habit

How often have you found yourself sitting in traffic thinking to yourself “I should really get going on my eBook this evening”, only to get home and find yourself distracted by the evening news, or Facebook? By the time you get around to writing you are too tired to make any discernible progress, so you…

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how to structure your ebook for success

How to Structure Your eBook For Success

Just as every song actually has much structure and many mathematical formulas hidden within in order to sound pleasant to the listener, likewise, an eBook or any good writing for that matter has structure to it in order to satisfy the readers innate understanding of what is good writing. The reason why you need to…

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