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What clients are saying:

Stephanie Wise, Girl Versus Dough

"Before starting my eBook project, I worried whether I would have the time or energy to put forth into an eBook - something I've never done. Meg's insight into marketing strategies, layout & planning of the eBook, implementation of design on my website, etc. was HUGE for me. That way, I could focus on communicating with my readers, developing recipes, taking photos -- the things I know how to do well."

Kyra Williams, The Get In Shape Girl

"I wanted to make sure I was working with someone who could design the look and feel I wanted. With Meg's attentiveness and attention to detail, I felt like I was able to just give her the project, let her work, and not worry about the book while I was working on other things. This book looks better than any design work I've ever had any other designer create!"

Amanda Froelich, Bloom for Life

“Working with Meg turned out to be one of the best choices for my business. She is incredibly talented, detail oriented, a professional in her niche, and is very responsive - which I love. I highly recommend Meg and her talents. I'll continue working with her on future projects for sure!”

Kelli Dunn, The Corner Kitchen

"Coming in to this with no knowledge or background on putting together an eBook, Meg did such a great job of guiding me through the process, and helping my to understand the purpose of each step. I didn't really start the project with a vision in mind, and Meg really helped me to put that together. Working with Artful also helped me to finally get my act together and work on building my email list."